You had waytoo muchcoffee, but youmust go tosleep for anearly wake-upYou really likesomeone whodoes notreturn yourfeelingsYour dogscratches upyour mom'sfavoritesweaterSomeonetakes yourgym uniformwhile you're inthe bathroomYou lostyourphone onthe CTAYouaccidentallysat in syrupon the trainto schoolTwo of yourfriends areplanning onfighting eachother outside ofschoolYou have to getto your doctor'soffice, but youdo not know thedirectionsYou fallasleep onthe bus andend up in anunfamiliarplaceYou forgotyourprofessor'se-mailaddressYou twistedyour anklewhile homealoneYou didn'tbuy enoughsnacks for aparty youplannedYou forgotyournewsletter athome andcan't get itsigned fortomorrowIt is 2AM andyou still do notget a chemistryproblem duetomorrowYou reallydon't getalong with aspecificteacherIt's a beautifulday out, andyou don't feellike going toschoolYou feel likeyou'recoming downwith a coldYour phonebroke andyou do nothave analarm clockYour friend ismad at youbecausesomeone toldher that youstole from herYou want tostart beingphysicallyactive, but youdo not knowany exercisesYour bestfriend begsyou to let himcopy yourhomeworkYour friend whois allergic tonutsaccidentallyeats a peanutbutter cookieA group offriends at aparty ispressuring youto try an illegaldrugYou have ahuge paper duetomorrow andare asked towork anevening shift