“Houston,we have aproblem”“Toto, I’ve gota feelingwe’re not inKansasanymore”“Keep yourfriends closebut yourenemiescloser”“I’m going tomake himan offer hecan’t refuse”“I’ll get youmy pretty,and yourlittle dog too”“To beor notto be”“E.T.PhoneHome“Elementarymy dearWatson”“It’s Alive!It’s Alive!”“There’sno PlacelikeHome”“To infinityandbeyond”“After all,tomorrowis anotherday”“It’s thepossibility ofhaving a dreamcome true thatmakes lifeinteresting”“May theodds beever in yourfavour”“Why soSerious”“It’s Alive,It’s Alive’“I amyourfather”“MyPrecious”The moment youdoubt whether youcan fly, you ceaseforever to be ableto do it.”“I’ll beback”“Just KeepSwimming”“I amInevitable”“May theForce bewith you”“Bond.JamesBond”“All theWorld’sa stage”“you’regonna needa biggerboat”“A Martini,Shaken,NotStirred”“Magic Mirroron the wall,who’s thefairest one ofall”“Waxon, Waxoff”“I’m theking of theworld”“Sometimes,I’ve believed asmany as siximpossiblethings beforebreakfast.”“Even thedarkest nightwill end, andthe sun willrise”