papyrusDynastyPyramidA stonecoffin thatholds amummyA ruler ofAncientEgyptto treat adead body tokeep it fromdecayingthe carefuluse themanagementor resourcesSarcophagusA solid shapewith a polygonbase andtriangular facesthat come to apointA papermade from areed thatgrew alongthe Nileeconomydeltaa line ofrulerspassed fromfather to sona triangulararea of landformed fromdeposits at themouth of a riverTheocracyRosettaStonePharaohcataractAn AncientEgyptian writingsystem in whichpictures wereused to representideas and soundsHieroglyphicsA huge stone slabinscribed withhieroglyphics, Greekand later from ofEgyptian that allowedhistorians to understandEgyptian writinga largewaterfallembalmGovernmen-tin which thepolitical leaderis also thereligious leader