Share (onLinkedIn)“HappyHolidays fromJBC.” (G on12/20)Send in a currentOOO photo withyour team doing aholiday activity/orat a holiday-ylocation!Send in teamphoto dressedup for “UglySweater Day”(12/20.)Get 3 reviews onyour company’sdesignated socialreview pages.(Google,Glassdoor, Yelp,etc.)Post a photo fromthe holiday partyand tag@TeamJBC andyour respectivecompany (12/11).Send in afunny“Overheardat JBC.”Donate 5 wintergarments to anunderprivilegedcommunity nearyou.Share (onLinkedIn) doyou followJBC____ onInstagram? (Gon 12/9)Provide a blogidea forStyleCareers(in depth andthought out.)Send in ameme-ableJBC photoWITHcaption!Share (onLinkedIn) do youfollow JBC___(your respectivecompany) onLinkedIn? (G on12/9)Get yourheadshotduring thedesignatedoffice shoot(12/9 & 12/11).Get 10 newfollowers onyour designatedcompanyInstagram.Post a photo (on yourfeed) from Holiday ofHope using the#HolidayOfHope19 andtagging @TeamJBCand your respectivecompany.Send in a#JBCdogsphoto that isholidaythemed!Create and shareyour 2019reflection templateon Instagramstories (attachedto email.)Write approvedblog idea forStyleCareers(must alsocomplete “BlogIdea” challenge).Create and shareyour 2020 goalstemplate onInstagram stories(attached toemail.)Send in a list of 5websites (differenttypes of companies)that you love anddetails (thought-out)on WHY you lovethem.Endorse 15skills of co-workers onLinkedIn.Write apersonalizedrecommendationon LinkedIn for 5co-workers.Send in 5photos withJBCers/JPersfrom OUTSIDEof your regularoffice.Send in a photowith your revealed“SecretSanta/HanukkahHarry” partner!(12/11)Grab a coffee andsend in a photowith someonefrom outside ofyour office ANDteam!Attend anevent relevantto work andsend in aphoto!