If I receive a greatdeal of praise andrecognition forsomething I’veaccomplished, I tendto discount theimportanceof what I’ve done.At times, I feelmy successhas been dueto some kindof luck.I feel discouragedif I’m not “the best”or at least “veryspecial” insituations thatinvolveachievement.When people praiseme for something I’veaccomplished, I’mafraid I won’t be ableto live up to theirexpectations ofme in the future.I have oftensucceeded in atask even though Iwas afraid that Iwould not do well.I often worry aboutnot succeeding witha project, eventhough othersaround me haveconsiderableconfidence that I willdo well.I sometimes think Igained my presentsuccess because Ihappened to be inthe rightplace at the righttime or knew theright people.I usually assumethat when peopleare complimentingme, they are justbeing nice.I rarely do aproject ortask as wellas I’d like todo it.I’m disappointed attimes in my presentaccomplishmentsand think I shouldhave accomplishedmuch more.I’m often afraidthat I may fail at anew undertakingeven though Igenerally do wellat what Iattempt.I tend to rememberthe incidents inwhich I have notdone my best morethan those times Ihave done my best.I’m afraid peopleimportant to memay find out thatI’m not as capableas they think I am.I rarely makedeclarativestatementslike "I knowthe answer".I have adread ofothersevaluatingme.I can give theimpression thatI’m morecompetent thanI really am.I often holdback whenworking in agroup orteam.If I’m going toreceive a promotionor gain recognition ofsome kind, I hesitateto tell others until it isanaccomplished fact.When I’ve succeeded atsomething and receivedrecognition for myaccomplishments, Ihave doubts that I cankeeprepeating that success.I often comparemy ability to thosearound me andthink they may bemore intelligentthan I am.Sometimes I’mafraid others willdiscover howmuch knowledgeor ability I reallylack.Sometimes Ifeel that mysuccess hasbeen the resultof some kind oferror.I feel that Ishould beable to doeverythingmyself.It’s hard for me toacceptcompliments orpraise about myaccomplishments.