MosqueA set of laws, writtenby the Byzantineemperor Justinian,that served theByzantine empire forhundreds of years.JustinianCodeAfollowerof Islam.A journey to aplaceconsideredsacred forreligiouspurposes.MuslimPilgrimageA Muslimplace ofworshipFree!A religion based on theteachings of theprophet Mohammedwhich stresses belief inone god (Allah),Paradise and Hell, anda body of law written inthe Quran. Followersare called Muslims.Book composed ofdivine revelations madeto the ProphetMuhammad betweenca. 610 and his death in632; the sacred text ofthe religion of orimages ofJesus orsaintsiconA largeandimportantchurchCaravanCathedralIn Islam, thesuccessor tothe ProphetMohammed.CaliphHagiaSophiaA group oftraderstravelingtogetherQuranMost famous exampleof Byzantinearchitecture, it was builtunder Justinian I and isconsidered one of themost perfect buildingsin the world.An ancientGreek stadiumused for horseand chariotracingIslam