Life has tworules: #1 Neverquit #2 Alwaysremember rule# 1.”RevampedAlways borrowmoney from apessimist. Hewon’t expect itback.TransparencyLive eachday as ifyour life hadjust begun.You miss100% of theshots youdon’t takeIf plan A fails,there are 25more lettersin thealphabetAlrightguys, justa few morehours.ImprovingthisorganizationworktogetherIf not us,who? Ifnot now,when?Thank youShira BenShoushan!ExperientiallearningDogs havemasters.Cats havestaff.It is notenough toaim, youmust hitThe nationalorganization“When I hearsomebody sigh,‘Life is hard,’ I amalways tempted toask, ‘Compared towhat?’”MaintainingrelationshipIncredible,amazing &unbelievableThe quickestway to doubleyour money isto fold it overand put it backin your pocket.”We can't helpeveryone, butevery one canhelp someoneSurveysPleasehelp us andreturn toyour seatsNothing isimpossible,the word itselfsays 'I'mpossible