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Problem Bingo (Pringo!)BINGOYour friend ismad at youbecausesomeone toldher that youstole from herYou twistedyour anklewhile homealoneYou have ahuge paper duetomorrow andare asked towork anevening shiftYou had waytoo muchcoffee, but youmust go tosleep for anearly wake-upYour phonebroke andyou do nothave analarm clockYou reallydon't getalong with aspecificteacherYour dogscratches upyour mom'sfavoritesweaterA group offriends at aparty ispressuring youto try an illegaldrugYour friend whois allergic tonutsaccidentallyeats a peanutbutter cookieSomeonetakes yourgym uniformwhile you're inthe bathroomYou forgotyourprofessor'se-mailaddressYou fallasleep onthe bus andend up in anunfamiliarplaceFree!Youaccidentallysat in syrupon the trainto schoolYou want tostart beingphysicallyactive, but youdo not knowany exercisesYou forgotyournewsletter athome andcan't get itsigned fortomorrowYou feel likeyou'recoming downwith a coldYou lostyourphone onthe CTAYou really likesomeone whodoes notreturn yourfeelingsYou have to getto your doctor'soffice, but youdo not know thedirectionsYou didn'tbuy enoughsnacks for aparty youplannedTwo of yourfriends areplanning onfighting eachother outside ofschoolIt is 2AM andyou still do notget a chemistryproblem duetomorrowYour bestfriend begsyou to let himcopy yourhomeworkIt's a beautifulday out, andyou don't feellike going toschool