Ros na Rún Bingo!

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Unappetizing food served Confusing local geography bends spacetime Character storms out of scene in a huff, stage left Purple wall Something is declared "Seafóid!!"
Elaborate scheme you know will self-destruct shortly Reference to bus that may or may not exist Ambiguous eye contact You laugh out loud Trip to bog, sea, or shed
Bad parenting Squabble breaks out over absolutely nothing Free! Merchandise in shop laid out implausibly Private conversation happens at community center for no reason
Character storms out of scene in a huff, stage right Reference to character you'd forgotten exists Awkward situation made more chaotic by arrival of Bobbi-Lee Mention of the polytunnel Door slammed
You covet someone's outfit Someone says "Gabh mo leithscéal?!" in offended disbelief You shout "OH, NO" at the screen English CC does not match actual dialogue Extremely poor service in pub, cafe, or Gaudi