TGC Holiday Bingo

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Listening to holiday music helps Feel better when looking at happy-family holiday photo cards from friends and family Left cookies out for Santa Volunteer during the holidays Cry watching holiday commercials or hearing a holiday song
Are worried about how a holiday will be with the death of your loved one Avoids watching holiday movies Tears up when seeing a gift your loved one would have loved Know all the words to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Like watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas
Want to change or let go of a holiday tradition Avoids listening to holiday music Free! Want to continue with the same traditions this year as before the person died Love to make holiday cookies
Do or would like to hang a memorial ornament Like to sing holiday carols Likes watching holiday movies Celebrates Hanukah Plan to eat healthy and exercise through the holidays
Celebrates Kwanza Love to eat holiday cookies Feel sad or bitter when looking at other’s happy family holiday cards Has an idea of a way to remember their loved one during the holidays Plan to get lots of exercise during the holidays