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Sixers BingoBINGOEmbiidassists aSimmonsdunkBrett Brownyells "MOVE"and is heardon TVCovingtongets hit inthe face"Alaa!Talk tome!"Saric getsaninterviewwith MollySixers commita foul to stopthe fast breakdespite beingin penalty.MarkelleFultz ismentionedat allSimmonsgetsintentionallyfouledA Sixer getsa tech forcomplainingabout a foulOpponenthits a back-breaking 3 ina clutch spotJohnsongets all ofthe backupC minutesBaylessconverts analley-oop offan inboundspass#TTPBookerthrows apass whilefalling out ofbounds"The Sixerslead the leaguein turning thebasketball over"A TTPchantbreaks outLuwawuscores ona cut tothe basketRedickcommitsturnover in alate-gamespotHolmes(dunkguy)dunksMcConnellyells atSaricBrett Browncursing isaudible onTVBaylessmisses anopenthreeSimmonstakes ajumperEmbiiddraws aflagrant ortech on anopponentRedickgets fouledon a three-pointer