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SCRIPTRUE BINGOFAITH"I am theresurrectionand the life""Be baptized,and washaway thysins""I the Lordam Boundwhen ye dowhat I say""FeastUpon theWords ofChrist""ComeLearnof Me""Withoutfaith youcan donothing""Ask, andit shall begiven you""I am theresurrectionandthe life""Faith isnot to havea perfectknowledge""All WhoRepentShall FindMercy""To EveryThingThere is aSeason""Praywithoutceasing"Free!"I, God, havesufferedthese thingsfor all""Endureto theEnd""PeaceBeStill""I willgive yourest""JesusWept""Preachunto themRepentanceand Faith""Faithwithoutworks isdead”"Those WhoRepentShall BeSaved""My Spiritshall be inyourhearts""Ye arethe Lightof theWorld""Teach themto walk inthe ways oftruth""ComeFollowMe"