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Fallout Movie/TV Show announced Skyrim for IOS/Adroid The Evil Within expansion Prey Switch port + DLC Fallout3/NV/4 ported to Switch, have Metroid themed extras
Quake comes to consoles Game staring B.J, Doom Guy and Duke Nukem announced Rage 1 remastered Doom 2 has coop Prey to the Moon DLC
Fallout 3/New Vegas remasters Rage 2 gameplay Todd Howard stares into your soul (Free Space New game based on existing Media IP announced New Fallout Shelter type game, but for Skyrim
Surprise appearance by Jamie Lee Curtis New IP from Arkane Surprise appearance by John Godoman Mick Gordon plays Doom 2 theme live Starfeld announced, 2019
Dishonored Switch ports Doom 2 announced Fallout MMO announced Wolfenstien 2 getting "Old Blood" type expansion Fallout 76, its just 4 with coop