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Lucky's Tale 2 announced Perfect Dark Announced PUBG announcement Phill Spencer talks up Game Pass subscriptions Gears of War 5 announced
more backwards compatible OG Xbox games Splinter Cell announced at MS Conference Gameplay Demo for new AC Halo 6 announced for 2019 Killer Instinct 2 announced
Forza Horizons 4 Crackdown 3 canceled by end of show Phil Consumes the souls of every Banjo Kazooie fan on stage (Free Space) Crackdown 3 gets another trailer Gears of War 2 remastered
Grabbed by the Ghoulies 2 announced Halo Battle Royal announced for Fall There's a Car on stage New IP announced, similar to Zelda, but with Multiplayer Battle Royal as the main focus Gears of War Battle Royal spinoff announced
State of Decay 2 DLC shown, New Region Battletoads downloadable title announced ReCore 2 announced Sea of Thievs DLC, adds Conker rugs to ships New Fable announced, subtitled Scalebound