WWOS (What Will Odom Say?)

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WWOS (What Will Odom Say?)BINGO“Rideor die”Anythingabouther hair“We’vedone someshiftingaround”“I know wehad somebumps in theroad lastyear....”“I can’tdo italone”“Allhands ondeck”“We havework to dothis year”“Spaceis tight”“We’re inthistogether”“We don’tplayschool, wedo school”“Ittakes avillage”“Ourrespiteprogramwas great”Free!“We havesome greatthingsplanned....”“It’shardwork”“We needyou here”“Let’sshow Scotthow weroll at CP”“I’m onlyoneperson”“PBISworks”“Traumasensitiveworks”“Pleasebarewith us”“We needyoupresent inthe halls”Anythingabout thecopier“Work needsto be sent toreflectionroom”“Right, Mrs.Gundrum?”