Bingo Bonanza 2019BINGO In aSeriesNew ToYou UltraRarePlatinum By anIndependentDeveloper With anIsometricView With aFemaleProtagonist With PlayerChoices orMultipleEndings OriginallyReleasedin 2019 CultFavorite LastGame YouAcquired ForAnotherPSNPEvent Oldestin YourBacklog RetroRerelease(Originally Ona ConsoleW/o Trophies) Player'sChoice Based Ona Non-GamingIP WithMinigamesIn It OneWordTitle That"Everyone"But YouHas Played WithPlayer-operatedVehicles ThatTakes"Forever"To Beat DLC PackorStandaloneDLC WithMystery orDetectiveThemes Reboot orSpiritualSuccessor You ThinkYou WillDislike Peripheral-Based AnthropomorphizedAnimals
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