r/ClevelandIndians Hammy Bingo

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r/ClevelandIndians Hammy BingoTRIBEHammygets sassyabout theleagueSwiiiing and amiss, he triedto hit that oneto Euclid / intoLake Erie.Big Playduring aRosieinningBALLGAME!!!!!!!!!!HammygetspreachyOh, forthe loveof Pete!ASWINNNGGGGand a miss!STRIKETHREECALLED!And thepay-offpitch...Oh, what ajob by ___(pitchername)Swing and adrive,waaaay back& gone!!Juuust abit(outside/inside)And we'reunderwayat_______Hammygets sassyabout theumpsWHATAPLAY!And theIndians haveleft a smallvillage onbase tonight.TribeLockerRoomStoryThestringis out.He's back onthe warningtrack, anndddHE MAKESTHE CATCH!And amobbingat homeplate!MmmmmmSwing and ahigh drive,theere shegooeess!Hammy getssassy aboutthe opposingteamHOWABOUTTHAT!Swung on andbelted! To deep(left/ center/right), awaaaayback! annddoutta here!!