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Untitled BingoBINGOgovernment inwhich thepolitical leaderis also thereligious leaderA triangulararea of landformed fromdeposits at themouth of ariver.theocracy(n)the carefuluse ofmanagementor resourcesdynastyhieroglyphicsA ruler ofancientEgypt.economypyramidcataractA huge stone slabinscribed withhieroglyphics, Greek,and a later form ofEgyptian that allowedhistorians to understandEgyptian writing.A solid shape witha polygon as abase andtriangular facesthat come to apoint (vertex orapex)Free!RosettaStonea stonecoffin thatholds amummyto treat adead body tokeep it fromdecayingsarcophaguspharaoha line ofrulerspassed fromfather to sonpapyrusAn ancientEgyptian writingsystem in whichpictures wereused to representideas and soundsdeltaembalmA papermade from areed thatgrew alongthe Nile.a largewaterfall