The Mana Pool Preview Episode Bingo

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"This card's green, Dirk, read this card!" Dirk has to take care of one of his kids with one of his kids Brian obliquely brings up court or a client or being a lawyer Brian freaks out over a creature with above square stats (4/4 for 4, etc.) “The card is whatever, but the art/flavor text/flavor is awesome”
"There's a very important thing [card] DOESN'T say" Brian tries to summarize a card right after someone else explains it, but does so in a way more convoluted manner Brian trying to cede the floor after talking like he’s some kind of lawyer or something. "Is [card] in Standard?" Mike doesn't know how a new card/mechanic will work in the rules
Dirk is distracted and misreads or misunderstands some key piece of a card “The card is whatever, but the art/flavor text/flavor is awesome” Free! Dirk doesn't understand the rules. Nobody knows the new set's story.
Chewie tries to give a card to someone else because he read it on MNM, but ends up reading it anyway Chat has to explain the name of a card Dirk talks about tormenting his students Brian mispronounces something. "Seems good."
"This will definitely see play in [format]." Chewie complains about difficulty finding things on Wizards’ website "I like it!" Brian reacts to the power level of a card in the middle of reading it and has to be reminded to finish reading it Mention of Never-Ending Preview Season