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The Mana Pool Preview EpisodeBingoBINGO"This willdefinitelysee play in[format]."Dirk comparesa card to acard theyplayed with incollege.Dirk has totake care ofone of his kidswith one of hiskids"...oh thisis a Mikecard."Dirk talksabouttormentinghis studentsChewiecomplainsabout difficultyfinding thingson Wizards’websiteMention ofNever-EndingPreviewSeasonThe dorks needchat to find thelink to apreview articlefrom today.Brian reacts to thepower level of acard in the middleof reading it andhas to bereminded to finishreading it"This card'sgreen, Dirk,read thiscard!"Brianmispronouncessomething."There's avery importantthing [card]DOESN'Tsay"Free!Mike doesn'tknow how anewcard/mechanicwill work in therulesChewie tries togive a card tosomeone elsebecause he read iton MNM, but endsup reading itanyway“The card iswhatever, butthe art/flavortext/flavor isawesome”Chat hasto explainthe nameof a card"How is thisDemongoing to killyou, Mike?""Is [card] inStandard?"Brian. Talks. Like.This. To.Emphasize. That.He. Thinks. This.Card. Is. Powerful.Brian explainsthat aplaneswalkerthat can defenditself is goodBrian tries tosummarize a cardright after someoneelse explains it, butdoes so in a waymore convolutedmannerBrian trying tocede the floorafter talking likehe’s some kindof lawyer orsomethingBrian freaks outover a creaturewith abovesquare stats(4/4 for 4, etc.)Brian obliquelybrings up courtor a client orbeing a lawyer