Geo BINGO Mingle and Win! Guilford Meet, Greet and Prize Presentation

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Geo BINGO Mingle and Win! GuilfordMeet, Greet and Prize PresentationBINGOHasHostedaGeo EventHasCached in3 Statesin one DayHas Cachedwithoutusinga GPSHasLogged25FTF'sHasDiscovered500 TravelBugsHikedmore than5 Miles in1 daycachingHas beenCachingless thena YearHas aTrackableon theirVehicleHasLogged25DNF'SHasCompleted aChallengeCacheHas 1,000or moreCachesLoggedHasCachedoutside theUSALOVESGEOCACHINGHas beenQuestionedby PolicewhileCachintgHasAttended aCITOEventHas founda 5/5CacheHas Loggedmore than100 Cachesin one dayOwns 2 GPSand aSmart PhoneHasEncountereda SnakewhileCachingHasHidden15 or moreCachesHas Lessthen 100FindsThis isthier FirstGeoEventCame to thisEvent fromanotherStateHasCached in10StatesHasAttended atleast 20Geo Events