Troll SRM TRP's

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Troll SRM TRP'sBINGOCaught byThilak incanteenCaught by astaff whilecursinganother staffCaught bysecurity fornot wearingID cardCelebratedbirthdayparties atclass andhostelStood atHOD orPrincipalroom forpunishmentEverstoled foodor snacksin canteenGot recordsign onuniversitypracticalexam dayWent toopen topof thecollegeWent topracticalexam withoutrecordBunkedclass andslept inhostelCaughtby StaffBunked outof collegevia canteendoorCaught forate duringclasshoursCaught forusing mobilephone inclassRoamed insidethe collegeduring classhours just topass timeBunkedclassesand wentto moviesTeasedotherdepartmentstudentsSightinga StaffEscaped fromcoachingclass and getcaught nextdayKnockedwardensdoor atnightDid rubberand paperchasing inexamTook foodfrom hostelmess andate it in classStayed inBASILwithout goingto collegeGotSO