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 LÉMANBeenyelled at inor outsidethe LibraryPlayedMinecraft orwatchedNetflix duringclassHad to explainit wasn’t apublic schoolto someoneuptownStolensomething orhadsomethingstolenSkippedadvisoryWorn amiddleschoolpolo shirtBeencaughtvaping orsmokingGotten allBE’s or NEon anassignmentTaken platesor silverwarefrom thecaféTalkedshit withNurseLisaCried infront of ateacherGotten anemail senthomeFreespace forpayingtuitionSkippeda classBeento 50WestNot paidfor dressdownHit any illicitsubstancein thebathroomBeen toafunctionYelledat ateacherBeento thedormsBeen on aschool tripoutside ofNYHad Orlandbless you without lunchwhen youdidn’t have itOwnedMCM orGucciWalked downall the stairsinstead ofwaiting for theelevatorBeen caughtby Bobby orLaffitte for notwearinguniform