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Birchmont BingoBINGOhad asummer"relationship"Got withsomeonefrom adifferentcountrylied aboutyour periodto get outof swimgave zerofucksabout theruleswas agoodygoodyspit sisterswithsomeone inyour groupFailedyour 8lapsfell in lovewith acounselorstoleice-creamdidn't likeyour bigor little"sister"hookedup at adj socialhookedup on atripfoughtwith yourgroupwoncolorwarhadyourphonehad atalkingcirclehad to betalked toby lizwenton araiddidn'tchangeyoursheetsPassedLITtortured acounselorwent skinnydipping atthe lake at3amGot colorwarcaptainate only macand cheese,grilled cheeseand chicken