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WFH Weekly BingoBINGOUpdateprimarycontact inSFAcceleratorConfirmedfollow upcallw/PartnerWear "Workclothes" 2days in arow30Squats5 MinWorkoutof yourchoiceDrink 8glasses ofwater in 1dayTry outa newrecipeClose 8plannersin 1 dayContact 30total propertiesover 3consecutivedaysTalk toproperty whohasn't beencontacted in30 daysDRR"yourchoice"Contact 8Propertiesin one day ContentUpdateto 100%Partnerdoesn't sayCorona-VirusGo to thesnackcabinet twicebefore lunchAsk 2impactquestionsin 1 call3 calls ina row - nobreaksConversationfocused onLong termstrategies(Rebound)2 straightdays w/oAlcoholDiscuss 3Oppiesw/OnePartnerCall or Slacka peer onanotherPODGoOutside Housemateson video callbackgroundPropertyhasOccupancy> 30%