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WISEatlantic 'Bingo'WISECall afriend tocheck-inRead a profilefrom our'CareerSpotlight Series- Sciencebooklet'Share aWISEatlantic.caresource with afriendBake ayummy treat(baking =chemistry!)Watch a'Role ModelVideo' onour websiteResearcha famouswoman inSTEMGo for a walkin yourneighborhoodTry one of ournew 'STEM atHome'activities!Try anEssential SkillsChallenge fromSkillsNS.caDraw anorganismyou find inyour yardRead a 'CareerProfile' from@Techsploration_nson Instagram'Like' us onInstagram@WISEatlanticNamesomethingyou aregrateful fortodayPlant someflowers orveggies,indoors orout!Bird watchfrom yourbackyardor window