Dewey's April 2020 BingoDEWEY Read a bookwithsomewhereyou'd like to beon the cover 500+PageBook HappyEnding Read aScienceFictionBook 100pagesstraight Eat anunhealthysnack Book setin a smalltown Book with acharacterwho worksan "essentialjob" Stretchfor 15minutes Listen topart of anaudiobook Read 50pages in yourmost ANDleast favoritegenres Bookset in abig city FREE Read for1 hrstraight -3 times Read aPhysicalBook AuthorInitials inDEWEY Cheer onreaders -30 min. Participatein aChallenge Pictureshowingreadathon inQuarantine Read a bookthat hasbeen on yourTBR for aLONG time It was justEaster -Read a bookfeaturing anyHoliday EatSomethingHealthy Read a bookoff Heatheror Andi's GRShelf Finisha book Post 3 booksand havesomeonechoose whichone you read
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