Bienvenidos a la clase de español 2020

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Bienvenidos a la clase de español2020BINGOCan answer¿Que tiempohace?playedfortnniteTraveled toanother stateover thesummerCan name4 SpanishspeakingcountriesCan name3 colors inSpanishCan namethemonths inSpanishSpeaksanotherlanguageat homeCan say"It'ssunny" inSpanishKnows aHispanicHolidayCan namea seasoninSpanishKnowshow to saygoodbye inSpanishCananswer¿Cual esla fecha?FREE!Has asisterCan say"I'mhungry" inSpanishCan namea piece ofclothing inSpanishCananswer¿Cómo tellamas?Can name3 MexicanFoodscampedin yourbackyardCananswer¿Cómoestás?Has abrotherHad astaycationCan countto 20 inSpanishHas adogHad azoommeetingwith family