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Bullshit Beer BingoBINGO"Theyshould dowristbandsnext time"JEGLurksDudehas aflaskWalgreensreferenceDumb jokemade tostaff aboutgetting twoSomeonecomplainsabout a lineforming!Dudetakespicture ofbottleChicago isthefuckingwurst!New Moneybrags aboutBCBSthey got"Is the guyfrom SouthCarolinahere?"At least 10people referto it as a"whale"Go botherVav aboutsome shitFREE!Someonecuts thelineMulesighting!Tradesfor bottleposted!Guy has noclue about"Toys forTots"Someonebitchesabout beingshut out"I left myjob in theburbs earlyto get this"Line isover 300deep by 5PMFEDORA!RatherdrinksomeberbinsIs thatJEG'ssister?So. Many.NeckbeardsNewscoverage?