Bullshit Beer Bingo

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Someone bitches about being shut out At least 10 people refer to it as a "whale" Walgreens reference Go bother Vav about some shit "Is the guy from South Carolina here?"
JEG Lurks Guy has no clue about "Toys for Tots" Dumb joke made to staff about getting two Chicago is the fucking wurst! So. Many. Neckbeards
Rather drink some berbins "They should do wristbands next time" FREE! Someone cuts the line Dude takes picture of bottle
Is that JEG's sister? New Money brags about BCBS they got Dude has a flask "I left my job in the burbs early to get this" Mule sighting!
FEDORA! News coverage? Someone complains about a line forming! Trades for bottle posted! Line is over 300 deep by 5 PM