College Bound Human BINGO

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College Bound Human BINGOBINGOIs a partof anacademicprogramWas bornin a countryother thanthe USAHas a 16+English and17+ MathACT scoreHasvisited acollegecampusHas apart-time jobWants tomajor inmath or thesciencesHas aleadershiprole inschoolWants tomajor inhistory orpsychologyWhoseparents orsiblingsattendedcollegeIs active ina church,temple, ormosqueDoesvolunteerworkWants toattend asmallcollegeFree!Plays amusicalinstrumentWants toattend alargecollegeWants tomajor inEnglish orjournalismWants toattendcommunitycollegeHasattended 2+highschoolsPlays ona sportsteamIs a first-generationcollegestudentSpeaksmore thanonelanguageIs an11thgraderWants toattend aHBCUHas beenon thehonor rollthis yearWould liketo go outof state tocollege