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Pop Open a BookFARTSBookwith aMysteryBook witha oneword titleAFunnyBookA BookSet inthe PastA bookwith anumber inthe titleThe firstbook by afavoriteauthorBookset inSummerA newauthoryou'venever readA bookpublishedthe year youwere bornThe FirstBook in aseriesA book thatwas publishedmore than 10years agoBook fromthe YAdepartmentFreeRead!A book onTimeMagazine's100 bestnovels listA bookbased ona truestorymorethan 300pagesGraphicNovelA book yourfriendrecommendNon-FictionA bookpublishedthis yearReread abook fromyourchildhoodA bookthatbecame amovieChapterbook fromthe children'sdepartmentBiography/autographyBook witha bluecover