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Tip: If you want your game to last longer (on average), add more words/images to it.

Mommy Cravings Instant formula Teething ring Colic
Gerber Nursery Rhyme Sippy Cup Changing table Mobiles
Giggles Bonnet Welcome Sonia's Little Peanut Teether Boy
Burp cloths Milk Bibs Hooded towel Basket
Carrycot Booties Baby Baby cardigan Baby monitor

This bingo card has the words: Baby Socks, Baby walker, Love, Diapers, Baby Shampoo, Wash cloth, Pink, Ultrasound, Milk, Mittens, Name, Nursery Rhyme, Booties, Hooded towel, High chair, Onesie, Pacifier, Basket, Cravings, Grandson, Sippy Cup, Nursery, Bath time, Baby powder, Basket, Layette, Teether, Burp cloth, Baby cardigan, Carrycot, Lullaby, Crying, Colic, Mobiles, Stork, Cradle, Gifts, Diaper bag, Formula, Mommy, Newborn, Baby book, Bottle, Baby shirt, Rattle, Diaper pins, Playpen, Wipes, Bib, Gerber, Nap time, Teething ring, Rubber duck, Baby sling, Clothes, Baby food, Giggles, Family, Baby monitor, Baby lotion, Blanket sleeper, Baby swing, Toy box, Bassinet, Baby bathtub, Stroller, Grandchild, Teddy bear, Bonnet, Bouncy seat, Baby hat, Baby, Baby monitors, Baby ointment, Baby powder, Baby wipes, Bibs, Blankets, Blue, Booties, Bottles, Boy, Burp cloths, Car seat, Changing table, Cradle, Crib, Diaper bag, Family, Infant carrier, Instant formula, Maternity clothes

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