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Get-To-Know-You Cook-Out?
Likes snakes. Is from the Middle East. Does not drink soda. Is the youngest child. Likes to do gardening.
Is wearing yellow. Has been to Spain. Went on a blind date. Has curly hair. Favorite color is pink.
Sings in the shower. Loves to hike. Free! Ran a marathon. Can dance.
Has been to Europe. Loves to travel. Likes cats better than dogs. Has been on a cruise. Is left-handed.
Is afraid of spiders. Has caught a fish. Has broken a bone. Has never been on a train. Was born in December.

This bingo card has the words: Has been to Spain., Is from the Middle East., Has never been on a train., Has been on a cruise., Went on a blind date., Is the youngest child., Likes to do gardening., Sings in the shower., Loves to hike., Can dance., Has caught a fish., Likes cats better than dogs., Likes snakes., Loves to travel., Is wearing yellow., Is afraid of spiders., Favorite color is pink., Is left-handed., Was born in December., Has curly hair., Ran a marathon., Has broken a bone., Has been to Europe., Had braces., Does not drink soda.

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