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High Desert Food & Farm Alliance Bingo!
Deschutes County Farmer Rancher Vegetable Farmer Home Gardener HDFFA Community Member My Parents Farmed
HDFFA Sponsor Cooking Matters Volunteer or Participant Grocer or Farmers Market Oregon Native Seed to Supper Volunteer or Participant
Crook County Farmer Rancher Value Added Business I love local food! (Free Space) Chef Government Agency
Specialty Food Business Local Food Eater! Donates Excess Fresh Food Non-Profit Agency Meat Producer or Rancher
HDFFA Employee HDFFA Board Member Restaurant Other Volunteer CSA Member

This bingo card has the words: Meat Producer or Rancher, HDFFA Board Member, My Parents Farmed, Restaurant, Cooking Matters Volunteer or Participant, Donates Excess Fresh Food, Non-Profit Agency, Vegetable Farmer, Oregon Native, HDFFA Sponsor, Crook County Farmer Rancher, Other Volunteer, CSA Member, Seed to Supper Volunteer or Participant, Home Gardener, Specialty Food Business, Government Agency, HDFFA Community Member, Grocer or Farmers Market, HDFFA Employee, Value Added Business, Deschutes County Farmer Rancher, Local Food Eater!, Chef

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