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I can't upload images!!! Your website doesn't work.

You can drag and drop image files (like GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs and SVGs) from your Desktop (or other folders on your computer) ONLY. You cannot copy/paste or drag and drop images from other websites or applications.

I want to use more words/pictures than squares on the card.

That's what the "Paste in a list of words" and "Add New Row" links are for on the bingo creation page. You can add more words/pictures, and they'll be mixed in when your cards are generated.

I'm worried about getting duplicate cards. How many unique cards does your program generate?

For a 5x5 bingo card, the probability that you'll get a duplicate card is 1 in 15,511,210,043,330,985,984,000,000. Stop worrying about it.

I want people to play online. How do I do that?

After you generate your bingo card, you'll see a huge heading on the right side of the page that says "Play Online". Below the heading is a URL/link. That is the URL you can send to anyone on the planet. They can enter that URL in a web browser, and generate their own unique bingo card.

Games lasting multiple days: If you are going to be playing your game over multiple days, make sure all your players bookmark their card (or email it to themselves), so they can get back to it later. Bingo Baker will remember which items they marked.

If you're worried about cheaters generating multiple cards, require each player to email their card URL before you start calling items. If they get a bingo, you can verify it yourself using the URL.

What is the maximum number of cards I can generate?

There is no limit. But you can only print 100 cards at a time. So if you need 500 cards, just print 5 batches of 100. And don't worry -- you'll get unique cards every time you print a new batch.

How many words do I need for x number of bingo cards?

Huh? Just fill out all the spaces on the blank card. That's enough for billions upon billions of cards.

Is there a way to keep the words in the identifiable columns? For kids, it's difficult to search the entire card when calling.

Check the "Shuffle items only within their column" checkbox (it's poorly named, but I don't know what else to call it).

I just want a normal numbered bingo card.

Traditional Number Bingo. You can clone it, if you want to change things up.

Can I copy and paste a word list from Excel?

Yes. Copy the whole column of words, and paste them into the textbox that appears when you click the "Add more words" link on the homepage. Just leave the cells on the bingo card blank (except the free space, of course).

Why do I see a bunch of asterisks (*) on my bingo card?

You didn't have 25 words on your card (including the free space), so my program filled in the rest with asterisks.

I can't get the PDF to load. What's the problem?

Make sure you have a PDF viewer installed like Adobe Reader.


Bingo Baker was created by Matt Johnson while he was an undergrad at Washington State University, Vancouver. Please email me if you have a question or comment.