Bingo Baker Help

Creating a Card

I can't upload images!!! Your website doesn't work.

You can drag and drop image files (like GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs and SVGs) from your Desktop (or other folders on your computer) ONLY. You cannot copy/paste or drag and drop images from other websites or applications.

It's telling me I can't upload any more images.

Non-members of Bingo Baker can upload 30 images per 24 hour period (paid members can upload as many as they want). If you exceed that limit, you need to wait a full 24 hours before you can upload more images. A lifetime membership is dirt cheap, so I'd recommend buying one.

I want to use more words/pictures than squares on the card.

That's what the "Paste in a list of words" and "Add New Row" links are for on the bingo creation page. You can add more words/pictures, and they'll be mixed in when your cards are generated.

Is there a way to keep items within their B-I-N-G-O columns like in traditional bingo?

Check the "Shuffle items only within their column" checkbox (it's poorly named, but I don't know what else to call it).

Can I copy and paste a word list from Excel?

Yes. Copy the whole column of words, and paste them into the textbox that appears when you click the "Add more words" link on the homepage. Just leave the cells on the bingo card blank (except the free space, of course).

How can I control the font size?

Bingo Baker figures out the largest font size for the word in the cell. You can "trick" Bingo Baker into making the word smaller by adding a linebreak above or below the word (i.e. hit the enter key before the word and/or after it).

How can I delete an image from my card?

Click the image icon on the toolbar.

The free space is moving all around. How do I keep it in the same spot?

Edit your card, and ensure the free space is in the center square. Then check the box that says "The center square is the free space".


I just get a blank page when I try to print the PDF.

This is caused by some kind of misconfiguration on your computer or a malfunctioning browser extension you installed. Try using a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Edge), or a different computer.

What is the maximum number of cards I can print?

There is no limit. But you can only print 100 cards at a time. So if you need 500 cards, just print 5 batches of 100. And don't worry -- you'll get unique cards every time you print a new batch.

Can I put a pretty border and frame around my card with my logo and branding?

No. What you see is what you get.

Playing/Virtual Bingo

I want people to play online. How do I do that?

Read the instructions here.

Can I customize the play online page?

Paid members of Bingo Baker can change the text displayed on the "Play Online" page, and the card page.

Can I collect a name or email address from my players?

Paid members of Bingo Baker can prompt players to enter some kind of identifier before generating their online card.

Is there a limit to the number of online players?

No. Bingo Baker regularly handles thousands of online bingo players.

Where's the call list?

It's right there when you view your card.

The call list doesn't have the B-I-N-G-O column letters!

If you want that, edit your card, and check the "Shuffle items only within their column" checkbox.

How do I verify a bingo?

View the player's card, and ensure all items they marked are items that you called. If you're a paying member, and using the builtin Bingo Baker call list, all verified items will be in orange (incorrectly marked items will be gray, and items that should have been marked are outlined).

How do I customize the call list order?

Members only: Click the "Full Screen" link on the call list. Then click the "History" tab in the bottom left part of the screen (if it isn't already expanded). Check the "Manually select next item" checkbox. Click the "Start" square, and then click "Reset to this item". Then click the next arrow. You will be prompted to pick the first item. Each time you advance, you can choose the next item.

How do I show the call list history for slow players?

Click the "Full Screen" link on the call list. Then click the "History" tab in the bottom left part of the screen (if it isn't already expanded).

How can my players use multiple cards?

Players can open multiple browser tabs/windows and generate a card in each.

What do the different colored X marks mean on the "View Cards" page?

If you're using the built-in online call list, after the first item is called, BingoBaker will render each player's X mark in a specific way. A solid yellow mark indicates the player correctly marked the square. A solid gray X means the player improperly marked the square (i.e. you have not called the item in that square yet). A yellow outline (when you hover your mouse over their card) indicates the square should have been marked, but was not (i.e. the player is not paying attention).

If you're not using the built-in call list, all the marks will be yellow.

And of course, if you uploaded your own custom X mark image, that will be used instead of the default yellow X.

My players are not receiving invites from BingoBaker.

BingoBaker always sends emails*. Emails are sent from a clean IP address, with proper SPF and DKIM records. The problem is never BingoBaker. It's the recipient's email server. If players are not receiving emails, you need to ask their email administrator to investigate. I cannot fix the problem.

*Except when the email address bounced within the last 24 hours.


I'm worried about getting duplicate cards. How many unique cards does your program generate?

For a 5x5 bingo card, the probability that you'll get a duplicate card is 1 in 15,511,210,043,330,985,984,000,000. Don't worry about it.

My bingo card has a duplicate item on it!

Well, that's because the card was setup that way. You can edit the card and remove the duplicate number/word/image.

How many words do I need for x number of bingo cards?

Huh? Just fill out all the spaces on the blank card. That's enough for billions upon billions of cards.

I just want a normal numbered bingo card.

Traditional Number Bingo. You can clone it, if you want to change things up.

How do I delete my card?

Members can delete their cards inside their account. Non-members can edit their card and delete/replace data in individual squares (make sure to save).

How can I contact you?

Please read everything on this page before you email me asking for help.

Login issues: Follow the "Not working" wizard on the trouble logging in page.

For everything else:

Why do I see blanks on my bingo card?

You didn't have 25 words on your card (including the free space).


Is Bingo Baker really, truly, honestly a one-time charge for a lifetime membership?


How can I purchase BingoBaker accounts in bulk?

Email with the number of accounts you'd like to purchase (8 is the minimum). There are no bulk discounts. I will send you an invoice and setup the accounts after it is paid.

If you need fewer than 8 accounts, you can sign up multiple times at the registration page (logout after each sign up).

Can I pay with a purchase order?

Purchase orders can be accommodated for amounts of $199 or more. Email with the number of accounts you'd like to purchase. There are no bulk discounts.

My school/company/organization requires vendors to sign a massive legal contract before I can purchase. Will you sign it?

For prospective purchases of $10,000 or more, I'll consider reviewing the legalese.

If your legal document is related to student privacy, you should know that you can use BingoBaker without sharing any sensitive student data with the system. In fact, the default way to play in BingoBaker does not collect any personal information from players. Hopefully, your legal council will consider that before insisting on a legal agreement.

Bingo Baker sucks. I want a refund.

Many people are perfectly happy with how Bingo Baker worked and conveniently request a refund after printing their cards or playing their virtual game to their satisfaction.

However, I don't let that dishonest behavior ruin it for everyone else. Refunds should be easy, regardless of the potential for abuse. If you are genuinely unsatisfied with my bingo card generator (or you're just one of those "clever" individuals taking advantage of my refund policy) simply email with your invoice number and your money will be refunded in full.

Unfortunately, due to the widespread refund abuse, your payment fingerprint will be blocked, and you are prohibited from purchasing a membership in the future.

Big Events

I'm running a big event. How can I ensure Bingo Baker stays up and can handle the load?

Bingo Baker rarely goes down. But to ensure your event runs smoothly, a 100% service level agreement (SLA) for your event can be purchased starting at $500 USD. Email with information about your event. Please include the date/time/timezone of the event, and approximately how many participants you expect.


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Bingo Baker was created by Matt Johnson while he was an undergrad at Washington State University, Vancouver back in 2011. Over 2 million cards have been created since then.