Bingo Baker was created by Matt Johnson, an undergrad at Washington State University, Vancouver. Please email me if you have a question or comment.


Can I use images in my bingo cards?

Nope. (When HTML 5 is widely supported, I will probably add that feature)

Can I edit my card after I build it?

You can clone your card, and edit the clone. Try to avoid that though. It clutters up the search page with a bunch of near-duplicate cards.

Can I copy and paste a word list from Excel?

Yes. Copy the whole column of words, and paste them into the textbox that appears when you click the "Add more words" link on the homepage. Just leave the cells on the bingo card blank (except the free space, of course).

Why do I see a bunch of asterisks (*) on my bingo card?

You didn't have 25 words on your card (including the free space), so my program filled in the rest with asterisks.

I can't get the PDF to load. What's the problem?

Make sure you have a PDF viewer installed like Adobe Reader.

I hate PDFs. Why do you use those?

I hate PDFs more than anyone. Unfortunately, that is the best way to get a document to print correctly on the web (that I know of).

Bingo Baker Wants YOU!

Bingo Baker Wants YOU!I just launched this application, so if you like it, please help spread the word. Link to Bingo Baker on your blog, or mention it on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!

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