Hire Space's Summer Party Drinking Game
Foods on a stick That guy who never got the memo that fancy dress was off "There's not enough booze in this punch" Photo booths and props of questionable cleanliness Infused spirits
They've had too many, and they've only had one Mason jars Inflatable flamingoes Double-dipping That guy who takes the awards a little too seriously
"It's too hot, I need shade!" (and it's 20°C) Awkward entertainment acts Glitter That guy who's taken more than his fair share of BBQ Rain. Let's be honest.
Theming that's bordering on cultural insensitivity A game of Twister that's so wrong Selfies. Oh, the selfies... Does anyone actually know that person? "Do you have any aftersun with you?"
American who keeps mentioning the A/C back home People pretending to like beers that are way too "craft" Serious violation of dress code or dress decency Pimm's & Giant Jenga (together) Sweat

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