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Untitled Bingo Card

This bingo card has 178 words: Free!, Wanderer Class, Obtain Covetous Gold Serpant Ring, Obtain Painting Guardian Set, Join Path of the Dragon, Kill Patches, 36 Dexterity, Defeat Four Kings, Kill Armored Boar (Parish), Obtain Chaos Ember, Kill Titanite Demon (Anor Londo), Obtain Silver Knight Set, Never Use Miracles, Obtain Chameleon, Kill Stray Demon, No Swords, Obtain Fire Keeper Soul (Blighttown), Open Lower Burg/Depths to Firelink Gate, Murder Solaire, Obtain Red Sign Soapstone, Obtain Covetous Silver Serpant Ring, Obtain Leo Ring, 20 soft humanity, Obtain Large Ember, Take Pendant as gift, Kill Crestfallen Merchant, 36 Vitality, Obtain Ring of the Sun's Firstborn, Join Chaos Covenant, Starting Armor Only, Obtain Peculiar Doll, Pyromancer Class, Obtain Cursebite Ring, 36 Strength, Obtain Black Iron Set, Kill All 3 Giants in Sens, Murder Priscilla, Join Darkmoon Covenant, Never Wear Armor, Obtain Quelaag's Soul, Obtain Skull Lantern, Bloodbite Ring, Craft a Fire Weapon, Obtain Antiquated Set, Murder Andre, Obtain Soul of a Moonlight Butterfly, Obtain Whip, Obtain Bloodshield, Kill 2 Black Knights in the Asylum, Obtain Hawk Ring, Kill Lady of the Darkling, Obtain Great Magic Barrier, Bandit Class, Starting Armor Only, Kill 2 Butchers, Obtain Ricard's Rapier, Rescue Griggs in Lower Burg, Obtain Dusk Crown Ring, Join Warriors of Sunlight, No Master Key, Obtain Darkmoon Seance Ring, 28 Attunement, Starting Weapons Only, Defeat Kirk (Depths), Get pushed by Patches, Obtain Velka's Rapier, Obtain Core of Iron Golem, Obtain Fire Keeper Soul (Parish), Take Old witches ring as gift, Never use Consumables, Rescue Logan in Sen's, Invade Lautrec at Anor Londo, Murder Chaos Covenant Leader, Obtain Divine Ember, Obtain Power Within, No Vitality Levelling, Summon Iron Tarkus, No Rings, Obtain Ring of Steel Protection, 36 Intelligence, Obtain Chloranthy Ring, Obtain Havel's Set, Warrior Class, Kill Gaping Dragon, Obtain 2 Soul of a Hero, Summon Witch Beatrice, Obtain Effigy Shield, Obtain Soul of Smough, Kill Titanite Demon (Catacombs), Kill Black Knight(Darkroot), Obtain Tin Banishment Catalyst, Kill Ceaseless Discharge, Obtain Astora's Straight Sword, Defeat Jeremiah, Light Ash Lake Bonfire, Kill Sif, Don't Kill Sif, Obtain a Full Armor Set, Cause Crestfallen Warrior to go Hollow, No Shields, Obtain Sniper Crossbow, Never Use Pyromancy, Never Use Sorcery, Obtain Rusted Iron Ring, Kill Gwynevere, Obtain Hush, Never Light a bonfire, Obtain Dried Finger, Murder Siegmeyer, Obtain Remedy, Knight Class, Obtain Very Large Ember, Take Binoculars as gift, Only heal with Humanities, Axes Only, Obtain 10 Cracked Red Eye Orbs, Cleric Class, Murder Giant Blacksmith, 36 Faith, Left hand wielding only, 26 Resistance, Kill Capra Demon, Obtain Soul of Ornstein, Rescue Laurentius, Obtain Dark Ember, Obtain Covenant of Artorias, Obtain Crest Key, Obtain Key to the Depths, Obtain Mystery Key, Obtain Basement Key, Obtain Undead Asylum F2 West Key, Find a Firekeeper Soul, Obtain Composite Bow, Right Hand wielding only, Thief class, Obtain Heavy Crossbow, Obtain Large Divine Ember, Defeat Undead Dragon (Painted World), Obtain Gravelord Sword, Obtain Iaito, Rescue Rhea, Get the Egg Head Infection, Obtain Great Scythe, Obtain Tranquil Walk of Peace, Obtain Vow of Silence, No Polearms, Fully Kindle a bonfire, Trade an item with Snuggly, Never Upgrade a weapon, Join Princess Guard, 150000 souls, Daggers Only, Obtain Gold-Hemmed Set, Obtain Lucerne, Obtain Server, Kill Gyndolin, Obtain Lightning Spear, Cut Off a Gargoyle's Tail, Obtain the Item along the curved invisible bridge in Crystal Cave, Obtain Ring of the Evil Eye, Summon Solaire in Anor Londo, Obtain Large Flame Ember, Kill Three Mimics, Obtain 6 Eyes of Death, Depraved Class, Defeat Maneater Mildred, Fully Upgrade a Weapon, Find a Unique Item in its normal location, Find Dark Bead, Find Grant, Obtain Grass Crest Shield, Poisonbite Ring, Summon Paladin Leeroy, Obtain Key to Blighttown, Kill Black Knight (TotG), Defeat Undead Dragon (Valley of the Drakes), Hunter Class and Obtain Xanthous Crown.

⚠ This card has duplicate items: Starting Armor Only (2)

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