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Holiday Bingo
Has a favorite holiday movie Has been to Broadway play Someone who skis Has seen "The Nutcracker" live Participated in a Yankee Swap
Someone who snowboards Loves to sing holiday carols Plays an instrument Went to holiday concert Loves holiday socks
Made a NYE resolution and kept it Ice Fishes FREE SPACE Wearing an ugly sweater Makes holiday desserts
Has a favorite holiday craft Dresses pet for the holidays Held a penguin Watched ball drop for New Years in person Has been in a holiday play
Travels for the holidays Has made a string of popcorn Traveled outside country for holidays Likes to sled Sings in a choir

This bingo card has the words: Travels for the holidays, Sings in a choir, Plays an instrument, Ice Fishes, Someone who snowboards, Someone who skis, Loves to sing holiday carols, Dresses pet for the holidays, Participated in a Yankee Swap, Made a NYE resolution and kept it, Held a penguin, Makes holiday desserts, Has been to Broadway play, Wearing an ugly sweater, Loves holiday socks, Watched ball drop for New Years in person, Has a favorite holiday movie, Has a favorite holiday craft, Went to holiday concert, Has been in a holiday play, Has made a string of popcorn, Traveled outside country for holidays, Likes to sled, Has seen "The Nutcracker" live

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