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Holiday Bingo
Has a favorite holiday movie Ice Fishes Has a favorite holiday craft Loves holiday socks Sings in a choir
Travels for the holidays Makes holiday desserts Held a penguin Loves to sing holiday carols Went to holiday concert
Traveled outside country for holidays Someone who snowboards FREE SPACE Watched ball drop for New Years in person Has been in a holiday play
Wearing an ugly sweater Plays an instrument Has made a string of popcorn Has seen "The Nutcracker" live Made a NYE resolution and kept it
Someone who skis Dresses pet for the holidays Has been to Broadway play Participated in a Yankee Swap Likes to sled

This bingo card has the words: Travels for the holidays, Sings in a choir, Plays an instrument, Ice Fishes, Someone who snowboards, Someone who skis, Loves to sing holiday carols, Dresses pet for the holidays, Participated in a Yankee Swap, Made a NYE resolution and kept it, Held a penguin, Makes holiday desserts, Has been to Broadway play, Wearing an ugly sweater, Loves holiday socks, Watched ball drop for New Years in person, Has a favorite holiday movie, Has a favorite holiday craft, Went to holiday concert, Has been in a holiday play, Has made a string of popcorn, Traveled outside country for holidays, Likes to sled, Has seen "The Nutcracker" live

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