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Tip: If you want your game to last longer (on average), add more words/images to it.

W A L T !
Diane Marie Disney Disney World Kanas City Dec 5th 1901 Tommy Tucker's Tooth
Fantasia (1940) 1971 Lillian Bounds Ambulance Driver Roy O. Disney
Disney Land Sharon Mae Disney FREE! Chicago Illinois Dec 15th 1966
UB Iwerks Kanas City Art Institute Mickey Mouse Silly Symphonies Disney Folly
Flowers and Trees M.J Winkler Marry Poppins Television Steam Boat Willie

This bingo card has the words: 1971, Disney World, Marry Poppins, Mickey Mouse, Lillian Bounds, Dec 15th 1966, Tommy Tucker's Tooth, Roy O. Disney, Disney Land, Chicago Illinois, Flowers and Trees, Kanas City Art Institute, Fantasia (1940), UB Iwerks, Dec 5th 1901, Disney Folly, Diane Marie Disney, Silly Symphonies, Sharon Mae Disney, Ambulance Driver, Steam Boat Willie, M.J Winkler, Kanas City, Television

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