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Work Place Bingo
Board Members Lunch Break Patience Happy Medicaid
Tokens Lawyers Cubicle Devoted Court
Listener Unit Meetings Free! Respect Adoption
Snack Day Voicemails Phone Calls Interviews Conferences
SNAP Agency Cars TANF Mail Run 15 Minute Break

This bingo card has the words: Culpeper Human Services, Board Members, Leadership, Positive Attitude, Communication, Growth, Excel, Cubicle, Respect, Pride, Mail Run, Court, Hard-working, Benefits, Busy, TGIF, Intake, Gmail, Unit Meetings, Phone Calls, Helpful, CPS, Coffee, Snack Day, Happy, Returned Mail, Listener, Laughter, Socialization, Devoted, Flexible, APS, Foster Care, Scanning, Dedicated, Computers, Printers, Tokens, Agency Cars, Visitation Room, Teamwork, Patience, Protecting, Serving, SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, Fuel Assistance, Renewals, Appointments, Adoption, Plans, Lawyers, Foster Care, Court Orders, 15 Minute Break, Lunch Break, Protected Time, Walk-In, Work Room, Voicemails, Interviews, Trainings, Conferences

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