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Tip: If you want your game to last longer (on average), add more words/images to it.

Swing Nursery Nursery Baby Boy Bottle brushes
Rice Sleepers Nap Crawl Cabinet locks
Socks Gas drops Free! Wipes Booties
Rice cereal Formula Wake ups Baby lotion Onesie
Bottle warmer Teething tabs Tickle Diaper rash cream Smile

This bingo card has the words: Bottle, Nap, Teething, Formula, Diaper, Crying, 2am, Rice, Rattle, Toy, Lullaby, Carseat, High Chair, Juice, Tickle, Blanket, Crib, Daycare, Lotion, Socks, Stroller, Bounce, Swing, Nursery, Baby Book `, Daddy, Mommy, Cradle, Play Pen, Baby Boy, Anthony, Alysa, Wipes, Nursery, Smile, Coo, Hiccup, Nurse, Babble, Giggle, Suck thumb, Roll over, Cruise, Crawl, Walk, Onesie, Sleepers, Gown, Swaddle, Mittens, Booties, Cloth diapers, Bottle brushes, Bottle warmer, Receiving blankets, Baby wash, Baby powder, Baby oil, Diaper rash cream, Baby lotion, Hooded towel, Crib mattress, Mattress cover, Changing pad, Changing mat, Grooming kit, Bowls, Baby spoons, Sippy cups, Baby formula, Baby food, Rice cereal, Rocking chair, Cradle Cap, Diaper Rash, Colic, Blowout, Spit up, Fussy, Wake ups, Restlessness, 1.First aid kit, Gas drops, Teething tabs, Doorknob covers, Outlet covers, Baby gates, Cabinet locks, Toilet seat lock, Baby monitor

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