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Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo
Fired for Christmas! Snow falls Failing family business Cute kid(s) as main characters A main character sings
Bad memory assoc. w/ Christmas Main character works for big corporation Someone HATES Christmas! Single parent Ends with a kiss
Small town Ice skating Free! Main characters fall in love. Baking, cookies, gingerbread
"My parents are dead." Mistletoe Carriage ride Decorating the Christmas tree Ornament making
Crafting is part of the plot Holiday name like Nick, Holly, Carol, etc. Sad backstory Buying a Christmas tree Christmas Wish

This bingo card has the words: Fired for Christmas!, Ice skating, Mistletoe, Snow falls, Ornament making, Baking, cookies, gingerbread, Buying a Christmas tree, Holiday name like Nick, Holly, Carol, etc., Main characters fall in love., Main character works for big corporation, Single parent, Someone HATES Christmas!, Cute kid(s) as main characters, Ends with a kiss, Carriage ride, Bad memory assoc. w/ Christmas, "My parents are dead.", Decorating the Christmas tree, Sad backstory, Small town, Christmas Wish, Crafting is part of the plot, Failing family business, A main character sings

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