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Christ is Christmas
Mistletoe Glitter
25 million 25 million
AMOR 1867 Salvation
Turtle doves 42 million

This bingo card has the words: AMOR, PAZ, NOITE FELIZ, PAPAI NOEL, Christ, Salvation, Savior, King, Love, Rejoice, Praise, Born, Welcome, Christ Child, Christmas card, Christmas carol, Christmas cookie, Christmas day, Christmas Eve, Christmas miracle, Christmas morning, Christmas pageant, Christmas play, Christmas wish, cranberry sauce,December 25th, decorations, dolls, dressing, Ebenezer,, Mark Sedwill, Elf, 1934, Five gold rings, candy floss, 42 million, Turtle doves, Snowflakes, Holly and Ivy, 1867, Partridge, French Hens, 25 million, Calling birds, Robins, Christian Turner, The PUS, Tinsel, Spider's Web, Lauren Gomer, 150 million, Glitter, Palmerston, Lucy Robinson, Mistletoe

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