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Marly Bird 2019 Game Day Bingo
Celebrity on Camera Personal Foul Beer Commercial Insurance Commercial Patriots Field Goal
False Start Car Commercial Two point conversion Patriots Touchdown Sack
Interception Rams Time Out Free! Coach Challenge Roughing the Kicker
Touchdown Dance Cheerleader on Camera Patriots Time Out Rams Touchdown Mascot on Camera
Rams Field Goal Facemask Play Reviewed Soda Commercial Injury

This bingo card has the words: Rams Field Goal, Fan with Painted Face, Patriots Time Out, False Start, Owner of either team on camera, Patriots Touchdown, Rams Time Out, Car Commercial, Rams Touchdown, Beer Commercial, Touchdown Dance, Insurance Commercial, Soda Commercial, Sack, Missed Field Goal, Patriots Field Goal, Mascot on Camera, First Down, Cheerleader on Camera, Celebrity on Camera, Injury, Food Commercial, Play Reviewed, Interception, Coach Challenge, Personal Foul, Facemask, Roughing the Kicker, Two point conversion

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