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2020 Census
Japanese 1 in 7 immigrants 1 in 3 NHPI Five years in jail time 1970
13 languages AAJC Homeless community 62% Tagalog
Paper Mailing Phone call Count me In Free Space! April 1st, 2020 1 in 5 AA
$5.76 billion Immigrants Children under 5 10 Years Department of Commerce
41% of AAPI Tribal council Civic Duty American Sign Language House of Reps

This bingo card has the words: April 1st, 2020, Children under 5, Online form, 12 states, 10 Years, 41% of AAPI, Immigrants, 62%, Colorado Extra seat, 1 in 3 NHPI, Phone call, Five years in jail time, 55% of AAPI, $5.76 billion, House of Reps, 1 in 5 AA, 1970, Paper Mailing, 1 in 7 immigrants, Citizenship question, Homeless community, $250,000, Language study guide, Low Internet Access, Japanese, American Sign Language, 600,000 people, School funding, Civic Duty, Arabic, Tagalog, 13 languages, AAJC, Privacy, 5 mailout, Community, Tribal council, Department of Commerce, Family

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