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Democratic Primary Debate
Billionaires Trade War with China Opioid epidemic Putin Commercial for Big Pharma or the MIC
AOC "Concentration Camps" Bernie calls Trump a "pathological liar" Universal Basic Income Reference to 2016
Biden gaffs "Terrorism" or "9/11" Hear Eric Swalwell speak for the first time Gun control War with Iran
Social media Green New Deal Medicare for all Cybersecurity Audience boos
Candidate bashes "socialism" "Blue wave" Plugs campaign website - inc. "dot com" MUELLER A nobody candidate gets owned

This bingo card has the words: Medicare for all, Audience boos, Green New Deal, Opioid epidemic, Marijuana legalization, Bernie calls Trump a "pathological liar", Obama, Universal Basic Income, Candidate bashes "socialism", Putin, A man interrupts a woman, Reference to someone from night 1 debate, Social media, Venezuela, Plugs campaign website - inc. "dot com", MUELLER, "Blue wave", Moderator enforces time limit, Reference to 2016, White man references diversity of candidates, Defense of reproductive rights, Mentions their parents / grandparents, Biden gaffs, A nobody candidate gets owned, Cybersecurity, Billionaires, AOC, "Concentration Camps", "Terrorism" or "9/11", Gun control, Marianne Williamson comes out of nowhere with an epic smackdown, Biden accused of being racist, War with Iran, Commercial for Big Pharma or the MIC, Trade War with China

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