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With players, you'll have to call about items before someone gets a bingo. There's a % chance that a lucky player would win after calling items.

Tip: If you want your game to last longer (on average), add more words/images to it.

Night Walkers Gilly Fire & Blood Sansa Stark "I drink & I know things"
Mother of Dragons Children of the Forest "Hodor, Hodor" High Sparrow Milk of the Poppy
The Red \wedding Ghost Free! The Wall House Stark
Tormond Samwell Tarly Mother of Dragons Davos Little Finger
Grey Worm Needle Dire Wolf Nights Watch Arya Stark

This bingo card has the words: Jon Snow, Nights Watch, The Night King, Children of the Forest, Night Walkers, Westeros, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, "Hodor, Hodor", House Targaryen, House Stark, House Tyrell, Theon Greyjoy, House Lannister, Wildlings, The Wall, House Baratheon, Daenerys Targaryen, "Winter is Coming", Dragons, Tyrion Lannister, Black Eye Raven, Little Finger, Valyrian Steel, Needle, The Hound, The Red \wedding, Dire Wolf, Mother of Dragons, Cersei Lannister, Kingslayer, Ghost, Fire & Blood, "The night is dark & full of terrors", Brienne is Knighted, High Sparrow, "Shame, Shame!", "I drink & I know things", Little Birds, Joffrey Lannister, Tormond, Grey Worm, Varys, Davos, Missandei, Gilly, Kahl Drogo, Winterfell, "What is dead can never die", Mother of Dragons, "A Lannister always pays his debts.", "You know nothing Jon Snow", "Your Grace", Milk of the Poppy, Ellaria Sand, Samwell Tarly, The Mountain, Dothraki

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