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Music Bingo - Vocabulary
D.S. al coda staff D.C. al fine alto fortissimo
dotted half note double bar line whole note common time cut time
fermata flat Free! sixteenth note mezzo forte
quarter rest pick up to a measure measure drink water breathe
half rest repeat sign half note eighth rest mezzo

This bingo card has the words: quarter note, half note, dotted half note, dotted half note, eighth note, sixteenth note, whole note, whole rest, half rest, quarter rest, eighth rest, sixteenth rest, fermata, double bar line, bar line, measure, treble clef, bass clef, staff, soprano, alto, mezzo, piano, forte, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, pianissimo, fortissimo, time signature, repeat sign, first and second ending, D.C. al fine, coda, Section symbol, common time, cut time, sharp, flat, natural, beats per measure, pick up to a measure, D.S. al coda, breathe, drink water

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