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Clouds that form above 20,000 feet. Cirrus Heat transfer between SOLIDS. LL Clouds, dark and gray, w precip. Nimbus
Altocumulus Methane and Ammonia Evaporation Low-level Clouds Strato-sphere
Mesosphere Exospehere FREE SPACE Clouds between 6,500-20,000 feet. Tropo-sphere
Alto Clouds that bring intense weather Heat transfer between L & G. Stratus Cumulus
Radiation Aurora Borealis Fusion GeoScience Ozone

This bingo card has the words: Heat transfer between SOLIDS., Clouds that form above 20,000 feet., Stratus, Altocumulus, Radiation, Exospehere, Clouds that bring intense weather, Cirrus, Evaporation, Fusion, Nimbus, Mesosphere, Clouds between 6,500-20,000 feet., Tropo-sphere, Aurora Borealis, Alto, Methane and Ammonia, Strato-sphere, Low-level Clouds, GeoScience, Cumulus, Ozone, LL Clouds, dark and gray, w precip., Heat transfer between L & G.

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