Untitled Bingo

Untitled Bingo Card

This bingo card has a free space and 265 words: WorldLeaf, WorldDew, ElfWater, AGL Ring, VITBelt, DracoBelt, MagicBelt, OddBelt, Divine Ring, Life Ring, War Ring, Mage Ring, Fight Ring, Sailor Ring, Thief Ring, Cleric Ring, D-Scale, DrakScale, StoneFang, SteelFang, BraveCape, DracoCape, PltnmCape, WiseHat, MeteOrb, GoldPass, Dream Egg, Use a FriendStaff, Use a ShinyHarp, Use a LifeAcorn, Use 3 WorldLeaves, Use 3 WorldDews, 5 TinyMedals, Hatch an egg received from the Medal Man, A book, 5000 G, Equip all your party members with items, Beat 3 non-story Magic Keys, Beat 5 Magic Keys, Gaudy Key, Beat Pirate Key, Get Ice Key, Beat “Puppetor”, Get the SleepHerb, Beat Ice Key, Reach the top of Ice Tower, Use the ChangeStaff, Change into a Demonite, Change into a Niterich, Beat Sky Key, Beat "Metabble", Beat "MadCondor", Beat the "KingSquid", Lose against "Darck", Beat C Class, Beat B Class, Beat A Class, Breed 10 times, Have a monster hibernate in the farm, Have 50 monsters registered in the library, Have 100 monsters registered in the library, Kill a monster with a death skill, Confuse a monster, Paralyze a monster, Change an egg's gender, Rename a monster, Breed with a NPC, Give the girl a SpotSlime, Get a Magic Key from the rare key man, Give Mom a Sirloin, Deposit 5 items in the Vault, Give a monster a Sirloin, Give a monster 5 pieces of meat, Give your own monster BadMeat, Train a monster to level 40, Sum of party levels over 50, Sum of party levels over 100, A monster with 8 skills, A monster +10, A monster with over 300 in two or more stats, A monster with at least 500 max HP, A monster at its max level, A team of three of the same monster, A team with a combined WILD of at least 500, A team of three monsters of the same family, A team with at least +15 combined, A team with at least 9 rarity stars combined, A team of three with 3 or fewer rarity stars combined, Over 20000 XP on one monster, Over 50000 XP on one monster, A team with over 50000 XP total, A team with over 100000 XP total, Deal over 300 damage with one skill, Deal over 500 damage in one turn, Use BigBang, Use HellBlast, Use GigaSlash, Use MegaMagic, Use Chance, Use Informer, Use StepGuard, Use Errand, Use Whistle, Use Pheromone, Use HealUsAll, Use Sacrifice, Use Farewell, Have a monster learn a skill from two or more it previously knew, 2 critical hits in one battle, Win with a team of one against three, Have all three of your monsters use the same skill in one turn, Kill one of your monsters with damaging terrain, Battle a foreign master, Have a wandering cleric heal your party, Buy an item from a wandering shopkeeper, Recruit a monster from a non-story Magic Key, Recruit a monster that's at least level 30, Gamble on a casino ship, Open a chest in a non-story Magic Key dungeon that isn’t at the end, Reach the end of a non-story Magic Key dungeon, Get over 2000 XP in one battle, Find something under a rock, Find an item in a pot, Fly across a pit, Own a ???-family monster, Own three monsters with "Mad" in their species name, Own three monsters with “King” in their species name, Own three monsters that were bosses in DWM1, Own a Slime, Defeat a Healer, Own a MimeSlime, Defeat a Metaly, Own a FangSlime, Defeat a RockSlime, Own a SlimeBorg, Defeat a SpotKing, Own a MetalKing, Defeat a GranSlime, Own a Slabbit, Defeat a Snaily, Own a Chamelgon, Defeat a Gasgon, Own a KingCobra, Defeat a DragonKid, Own a SnakeBat, Defeat a MadDragon, Own a Spikerous, Defeat a LizardMan, Own a Rayburn, Defeat a BattleRex, Own a SkyDragon, Defeat an Orochi, Own a GigaDraco, Defeat an Orligon, Own a Mommonja, Defeat a Yeti, Own an Antbear, Defeat a Grizzly, Own a BeastNite, Defeat a MadCat, Own a HammerMan, Defeat a Beavern, Own a SuperTen, Defeat a Trumpeter, Own a KingLeo, Defeat a Gorago, Own a Dracky, Defeat a MadRaven, Own a CragDevil, Defeat a MadCondor, Own an Emyu, Defeat a LandOwl, Own a MadGoose, Defeat a ZapBird, Own a Garudian, Defeat a WhipBird, Own a RainHawk, Defeat a Shantak, Own an Oniono, Defeat a FloraMan, Own a DanceVegi, Defeat an EvilSeed, Own an Eggplaton, Defeat a FaceTree, Own a GhosTree, Defeat a Snapper, Own a StubSuck, Defeat a Devipine, Own a Rosevine, Defeat a FooHero, Own an Eyeder, Defeat a GiantSlug, Own a TailEater, Defeat a GoHopper, Own a MadHornet, Defeat a GiantMoth, Own a Droll, Defeat a StagBug, Own a WarMantis, Defeat a Skularach, Own an Armorpion, Defeat a Digster, Own an AgDevil, Defeat a 1EyeClown, Own a Grendal, Defeat a DarkEye, Own a MadKnight, Defeat a Gremlin, Own a Lionex, Defeat an Ogre, Own a GateGuard, Defeat an Akubar, Own a Titanis, Defeat a LampGenie, Own a PomPomBom, Defeat a NiteWhip, Own a Mudron, Defeat a Shadow, Own a Reaper, Defeat a DeadNite, Own a BoneSlave, Defeat a Hork, Own a DeadNoble, Defeat a WhiteKing, Own a Niterich, Defeat a Servant, Own a Gismo, Defeat a JewelBag, Own a Goopi, Defeat a Golem, Own a MetalDrak, Defeat a Roboster, Own a LavaMan, Defeat an IceMan, Own a BombCrag, Defeat a StoneMan, Own a DarkMate, Defeat a GoldGolem, Own a Gamanian, Defeat a WalrusMan, Own an Octoreach, Defeat an Aquarella, Own a SeaHorse, Defeat a HoodSquid, Own a MerTiger, Defeat an Octogon, Own an Octoraid, Defeat an AxeShark, Own a Grakos, Defeat a KingSquid, Own a DracoLord1, Defeat a DracoLord2, Own a Hargon, Defeat a Sidoh, Own a Baramos, Defeat a Zoma, Own an Esterk, Defeat a Pizzaro, Own a Mirudraas1, Defeat a Mirudraas2, Own a Deathmore3, Defeat a DarkDrium, Own a Dimensaur, Lamia, or Kagebou, Own Watabou or Warubou and Own an ArmyAnt or MadGopher.

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