๐ŸŒฑ Spring ๐ŸŒฑ

๐ŸŒฑ Spring ๐ŸŒฑ Bingo Card

This bingo card has a free space and 24 words: ์‹ซ์–ดํ•˜๋Š” ์Œ์‹์„ ์•ˆ๋‹ค, ์ทจ๋ฏธ๋ฅผ ์•ˆ๋‹ค, ๊ทธ๋ฆฐ ๊ทธ๋ฆผ์„ ๋ดค๋‹ค, ํ™”๋‚ด๋Š” ๊ฑธ ๋ดค๋‹ค, MBTI๋ฅผ ์•Œ๊ณ  ์žˆ๋‹ค, ๊ต๋ณต ์ž…์€ ๋ชจ์Šต์„ ๋ดค๋‹ค, ๊ฐ™์ด ๋ฐฅ ๋จน์—ˆ๋‹ค, ๊ณ ์–‘์ด ์ด๋ฆ„์„ ์•ˆ๋‹ค, ์ž๋Š” ๋ชจ์Šต์„ ๋ดค๋‹ค, ๊ณ ๋ฏผ ์ƒ๋‹ด์„ ํ•ด๋ดค๋‹ค, ์šฐ๋Š” ๊ฑธ ๋ดค๋‹ค, ์ข‹์•„ํ•˜๋Š” ์Œ์‹์„ ํ•œ๋‹ค, ์ถค์ถ”๋Š” ๊ฑธ ๋ดค๋‹ค, (๋‚ด) ๊ณ ๋ฏผ์„ ๋“ค์—ˆ๋‹ค, ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•œ๋‹จ ๋ง ๋“ค์—ˆ๋‹ค, ์•Œ๋ฐ”ํ•˜๋Š” ๊ณณ์„ ์•ˆ๋‹ค, ์ง‘์— ๊ฐ€๋ดค๋‹ค, ์—ผ์ƒ‰ํ•œ ๊ฑธ ๋ดค๋‹ค, ํœด๋Œ€ํฐ ์ข…๋ฅ˜๋ฅผ ์•ˆ๋‹ค, ๊ฐ™์ด ๋†€์•˜๋‹ค, ์žฅ๋ž˜ํฌ๋ง์„ ์•ˆ๋‹ค, ์• ์Šคํฌ์— ์งˆ๋ฌธ ๋‚จ๊ฒจ๋ดค๋‹ค, ์ „ํ™” ํ–ˆ๋‹ค and ์ข‹์•„ํ•˜๋Š” ์—ฐ์˜ˆ์ธ์„ ์•ˆ๋‹ค (์ข€ ๋งŽ๋„ค).

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